May 13 2022


City Council of Menlo Park: I am providing you a copy of an open letter that I have sent to William Eger of the Ravenswood City School District. As indicated in the letter, I and my neighbors would like to see teacher and staff housing developed, but we are very concerned that the current plans provide no assurance that RCSD staff and teachers will actually occupy a new development in the short and long term. I sent the letter to encourage the RCSD to use the power of their contracts to achieve the stated goal of using the development to house teachers, to address the traffic problems created by a single point of access on Sheridan Avenue, and to limit development to 90 units (as RCSD has said it would do). I hope the that city will also encourage RCSD to use the tools at their disposal to address these community concerns and broaden support for the proposed development. Erik J. Olson (he/him/his) EJOlson@▒▒▒▒.com<mailto:EJOlson@▒▒▒▒.com> T +1 (650) 813-5825 M +1 (650) 283-5808 ============================================================================ This message may be confidential and privileged. Use or disclosure by anyone other than an intended addressee is prohibited. If you received this message in error, please delete it and advise the sender by reply email. Learn about Morrison & Foerster LLP's Privacy Policy<▒▒▒▒.com%2fabout%2fprivacy-policy.html&c=E,1,JU3oG51C-kiDH2gd3074kEzzFHtV6vLoHZ-mXLZct9CKqOLSVkkDqaDgQAld9vBqFxerxEHzffh-hGoGsqw-XU4-Qb3_ikvBuqoF7hBfK2sJ2R9EEKriCA,,&typo=1>. .

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